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Bonjour, La version optimisée pour iOS 9 est en cours de développement et de test arrivée ! 😉 – Correction de l’application qui reste ouverte sous iOS 9. Merci pour vos retours et n’hésitez pas à en parler autour de vous.

Click here to download Available for iPhone, the iPad version arrive free of charge for the buyers of the iPhone version. The ultimate application of digital photo frame! – Display clock in letters of fire, smoke or plasma, in realist effects! – 20 transitions effects – Choice of duration between transitions – Type of transition, […]

My magnifying glass allows you to read texts or plans without tiring you eyes! – Add zoomed picture in your photo album. – Zoom until 99x, beyond the current sensor of the iPhone but will benefit the next generations! Information: give better results on iPhone 3GS Click here to download

With « Call my friends » you can add pictures of your boyfriend / girlfriend, your friend (s), family (…) on the screen desktop of your iPhone with the icon and the name of your choice (see screenshots). Show them that you appreciate them and save precious seconds to call them! Click here to dowload Features: – […]

Write your mail messages, sms, twitter, facebook, … while walking! You see on the screen in front of you and can avoid barriers, even the keyboard is transparent! Change the text color depending on the environment by simply clicking on the top of the screen at the counter of characters. Managing Messages: – Facebook – […]